fuck those in power on social mediab sites allowing nonces to groom kids for their own sexual gratification and allow them to do just that.
People dare speak out about it or expose these toby cnuts we get our platform taken away. FUCK YOU


Published by: safebook.me.uk

Hi, my name is Shane Brannigan, I'm known in the uk as a paedophile hunter. I consider myself a Child Protection Enforcer, created by the system who failed me, Hated by many, loved by a few. Fact remains, I'm causing police to act on evidence, air tight I might add that leads to the convictions across the board. It might be hard for you to take, the fact I do what I want and still get convictions. I post the chat logs, they turn up on their own accord, absolutely no encouragement. They set themselves up for a 10 year stretch on the sex offenders register. My soul was murdered, that is my motivation.

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